10 movies to get you into the Christmas spirit

It’s that time of year again, when you don’t need an excuse to laze around the sitting room watching TV all day. It’s the middle of December, which means Christmas is just around the corner and the only way to truly get into that jolly Christmas spirit is to sit back with a warm cup of tea and watch Christmas movies one after the other. If you’re too exhausted after work or college, don’t fret. The Christmas elves* at TheCity.ie have compiled a list of Christmas movie classics that are bound to get you into that merry spirit.


1) Elf (2003)

The Christmas elves unanimously decided to start the movie list with Elf – a film about a human, raised by elves, called Buddy (played by Will Ferrell). After learning that he isn’t a true elf, Buddy decides to travel to New York to find out where he is truly from and to meet his cranky father. Kids and adults alike will be amused by Buddy’s goofiness and folly while he tries to discover what it is like to be human.

2) Home Alone (1990)

This movie is truly a Christmas classic. Eight-year-old Kevin (Macauley Culkin) is accidentally left at home, while his family heads off to Paris to celebrate Christmas. Kevin is left to defend the house from two clumsy burglars, the “Wet Bandits” (played by Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci), who take the opportunity to rob empty houses during the festive season. The events that ensue will leave you crying with laughter.

 3) It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Directed by Frank Capra, It’s a Wonderful Life is a truly classic heart-warming tale about George Bailey (James Stewart), a disgruntled businessman, who decides that he has nothing else left to do in his life than to end it. Guardian angel, Clarence (Henry Travers), saves Bailey by showing him what the life would be without him.

4) Love, Actually (2003)

This irresistible, delightful movie is for the die-hard romantics. Set in London, the story follows 8 different couples and the ups-and-downs of their love lives during the Christmas season. Be careful though, you will find yourself singing ‘Christmas is All Around’. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

 5) Die-hard (1988)

What’s more joyful than Bruce Willis (plays John McClane) saving Christmas from some German bad guys? Add Alan Rickman (plays Hans Gruber) to the mix and you got yourself an action-packed Christmas movie.

 6) The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

A movie you can watch on Christmas and Halloween? Now that’s just cheating. Tim Burton’s spooky stop-motion animated movie follows the adventures of Jack Skellington. Jack grows tired of scaring people in Halloweentown and accidentally discovers Christmastown, which brings a new purpose to his life – he schemes to kidnap Santa and overtake Christmastown.

7) The Santa Clause (1994)

What do you do when Santa accidentally falls off your roof? Ultimately, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) decides to take over Santa’s rounds for one night but eventually finds out that by putting on Santa’s clothes, he signed the Clause and now he must become the new Father Christmas and all the benefits that come with the title: huge belly, white hair and a long snowy beard. Scott may have a hard time getting used to the changes.

8) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

Christmas at the Griswolds’ household, what could possibly go wrong? Many things, as Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and his family learn in this painfully hilarious comedy.

9) Jingle All the Way (1996)

It’s Christmas Eve and Howard Langston (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) is running around town trying to get the very last Turbo Man action figure for his son. Saying that Howard gets into some crazy situations would be an understatement in this action-packed family movie.

10) How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

If you’re a grumpy kind of person who hates the sound of Christmas carols and any of the exhausting festivities associated with Christmas, you might want to stick this movie on. Grinch (played by Jim Carrey), like you, would do anything to stop Christmas from coming. But if Cindy Lou Who’s (Taylor Momsen) singing doesn’t melt at least a tiny bit of your frozen heart, you are a lost cause. Go back to your murky cave you grouch!

TheCity.ie also took to the streets of Dublin to find out what Christmas movies the public love to watch over the Christmas season.

*No elves were harmed during the production of this article.

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