Staff calls for better contract and fair pay in Dunnes Stores

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This Thursday, employees from Dunnes Stores went to Henry Street to protest against working conditions, part of a strike against the chain of stores across the country.

The workers are striking for increased job security, more working hours per week and increased pay.

Michael Meegan, organiser for the Mandate trade union, which is seeking to represent Dunnes workers, said: “We claim for better contracts, but the company refuses to talk to us. Most Dunnes Stores workers are working under 15 hours per week. A number of members come to us very frustrated because they cannot get a bank loan or credit union loan.”

While journalists and photographers were watching the protest, some employees were distributing “Decency for Dunnes Works” stickers urging people to support the workers’ claims and not cross the picket line.

Sarah B, sales assistant, said: “Basically, we want security in our job because 15 hours is not enough. What they do is to give you a three month contract and then they let you go and hire someone else.We call for right to representation, secure jobs and fair pay.”

By Maira De Gois

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