The Meeting House launch their new brunch menu

Appetites were thoroughly pleased at The Meeting House this week where special guests were invited to celebrate the launch of their new Burmese brunch menu.


The Meeting House is a contemporary eatery situated in the heart of the city in Dublin’s cultural quarter.

This quirky gem is relatively new and is home to popular club night ‘Church’. Upon arrival the atmosphere was evident: music was provided by the beautiful and talented Jess Kav who provided soulful tunes for the already packed venue, while the staff prepared endless amounts of delicious cocktails.

What caught my eye first was the brilliant décor: beautiful art adorned the walls, and even individual chairs and tables had original pieces of art painted onto them – definitely a thumbs up from me.

The entire ground floor was packed with guests who included Louise McSharry, Nirina Plunkett of Killer Fashion, Eric Davidson of District Mag and Leanne Woodfull of Thunder & Threads.

The event kicked off with fresh juices, bespoke salads and a special ‘breakfast cocktail’ (which included an unusual blend of gin and marmalade – but was devilishly delicious nonetheless)

Brunch 1

While food was being prepared, an accommodating member of staff delivered cocktails to each guest; explaining the intricate list of ingredients and concept behind the drink.

My favourite was the vodka, milk and banana combo which was smooth, light and full of flavour.

My favourite dish of the day was the glazed pork belly. Smoky and crispy pork lay sandwiched in-between a steamed coconut bun and a delicate soft-poached duck egg, teamed with special TMH smoked Hollandaise sauce. It was a tasty and authentic twist on a classic dish and I would definitely go back for this dish alone.

I was really impressed by the quality of the food versus the price of the food. Dishes are priced at €9.99 and are designed to share with friends. I often find myself paying more than I should for basic meals that are just ‘okay’ in terms of standard, but I found that TMH delivered with their food, drinks, and enjoyable atmosphere.

The new Burmese Brunch is now available every Saturday and Sunday from noon.

You can book a table at TMH via their website at, or connect with them on Twitter @meetinghousedub .

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