More than 1,600 cyclists fined since 2015

A total of 1,660 on the spot fines have been handed out to cyclists in the past two years.
The fixed charge fines were introduced on the 31st of July 2015 by Paschal Donohue who was the transport minister at the time.

Cyclists breaking red lights is by far the most frequent infraction with 843 of the 1,660 fines being accounted for by this offence.

There are seven offences for which cyclists can be fined including: cycling recklessly, failure to have lights, cycling in a pedestrianised area, breaking a red light, failing to stop for a school warden and failing to stop at a railway barrier or bridge crossing.

So far this year there has been 439 fines issued with 172 of them being for breaking a red light, 106 for not having front and rear lights, 88 for cycling in a pedestrianised area, and 73 for cycling without adequate consideration,

Cyclists can be ordered to pay a €40 fine which can rise to €2,000 if the fine remains unpaid for more than 56 days.

By Eoghan McGrane

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