Watch: Exercise for athletes during quarantine

For many people, exercise is an essential part of anyone’s lifestyle. Whether it’s a run in the morning, a couple of hours in the gym or even a few exercises at home – for athletes, it’s not a lifestyle, it’s their life. Third year TUD student journalists take a look for

Athletes need to stay in shape in order to reach their peak condition, and with the sudden shutdown of all available facilities, athletes find themselves at a serious disadvantage. Many of the most hardworking and determined have had to adapt and use whatever they can to their advantage.

Their exercises may seem silly to some, but they’re so important to others – even now, exercise can be used as a form of charity; to the frontline workers putting their lives on the live every night. We look at a variety of stories, from athletes to our own journalists, finding out how much their exercise means to them and why they are doing it so passionately.

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