Watch: Coronavirus Conspiracies – climate change leaders, political parties and bats

Climate change leaders, political parties or bats? We’ve been given the figures on cases and number of deaths – we’ve seen the facts about how this virus works. But there is one area that we don’t seem to be able to get any concrete information on: how did Coronavirus come about, where did it all begin and was there some sort of agenda behind it all? Third year TUD journalism students report for

There are many theories on how this pandemic came about, some more bizarre than others and the excuse that they are unfalsifiable has been used to continue the spread of these ideas. In this short film, we venture into this grey area and break down some of these theories, looking at them from a neutral perspective.

We also speak to scientists who specialise in debunking such conspiracies and get their thoughts on how these ideas have gained so much traction and what their opinions are on where the virus started.

This video is not intended to promote any one theory, we are simply presenting a range of ideas that have already been circulated. Remember to always ensure the news content you are consuming is legitimate and comes from a reliable source.

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