Watch: Evolution of women’s sports in Ireland

From rugby, to hockey, and especially the Gaelic Games, we have always been a country that has prided ourselves on our strong sporting tradition. But sport in Ireland has always been predominately male dominated. 3rd year TUD student journalists examine the evolution of women’s sports for

It has taken us quite a while to warm to the fact that our women can become the great athletes they have become. However, as time has passed and more waves have been made, we have discovered that our female athletes are just as brilliant as the men- a thriving rugby scene in which the women rival the men, a successful hockey team that have qualified for the Olympic games and a series of determined and hard working women behind all of Irish women’s sports success.

We have looked into why this could be the case, what movements such as 20×20 movement have done for women’s sports, in the eyes of the athletes themselves and what this means for Irish women’s sports in the future.

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