Good Vibrationz continue to operate outdoors as Dublin remains in Level 3

Events host and organiser Good Vibrationz are continuing to operate their events outdoors, despite last week’s news that Dublin will remain in Level 3, with the rest of the country joining them and Donegal. Erica Carter discusses with them how they’re adapting to the new restrictions.

Good Vibrationz Street Walking Tour. Photo taken by Diarmuid Montgomery Clery.

Based in Dublin, Good Vibrationz are a collective of artists, filmmakers and self-proclaimed “messers”. They are known for their Photo Walks, Drink and Draw classes and Dublin Night Tours. They resumed their photowalk events in July, after being out of action for months.

“The response has been so good,” said Diarmuid Montgomery Clery, one of the organisers. “Despite the lockdown, it seems people are more eager than ever to get back out there and have fun.”

In order to comply with public health guidelines, Good Vibrationz have reduced the capacity of their events by 70%, allowing only 15 people on their outdoor photo-walks and tours. “It’s going to be tough but sure look, be grand,” Diarmuid said. Their walking tours are back on every Saturday and Sunday, with a whole host of new themes, including a music based walk, starting in the days of Dublin folk music and ending with the emergence of Irish hip hop. 

Image courtesy of Good Vibrationz.

Back in September Good Vibrationz started hosting their events in their new city centre space, the Arts Bar – however mere weeks later they were forced to close their doors as Dublin entered Level 3 restrictions.

The Arts Bar is a new pop up gallery and events space on Francis Street in Dublin City Centre, above bar Drop Dead Twice. They were operating with a full bar and food menu.  “The new premises is a commission free art gallery and artists are welcome to put on shows and keep all the profits and our team will help with the production free of charge also,” explained Diarmuid. “We’ll be hosting our own events, classes and shows to keep it financially viable.”

Despite all of these plans, the Arts Bar has had to postpone all of its indoor events. “It’s really hard because we put so much into the project then had to close so soon after,” expressed Diarmuid. “For us it’s about constantly trying to innovate to survive.”

“For us it’s about constantly trying to innovate to survive.”

“We know that when this is over the demand for our events will go through the roof. We just need to be able to keep paying all the bills and staying focused – I’ve noticed lots of friends who have been forced to leave the event industry and we don’t want that to happen.”

Good Vibrationz’s walking tours have proved very popular as an activity people can still partake in safely amid restrictions, but Diarmuid is concerned about the future of the tours as the weather grows colder: “It’s going to become more difficult but it just means we need to be the best we can be,” he asserted.

If Dublin moves to Level 5, they’re prepared for that scenario too. “We have started virtual walking tours and events through our new brand Alternative,” Diarmuid explained. “Thankfully we’ve gotten a few bookings from various organisations and previous clients even before we launched so that was a great motivator.

“We are also launching several more events at home including a Christmas crafts set that people can create at home with our instructor!”

Businesses have been forced to adapt and get creative during the Covid-19 pandemic, and Good Vibrationz are certainly doing the most to keep going during such a dark time.

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