New movie takes quirky look at sex addiction


Modern society is bombarded by sexually themed marketing but when it comes to getting personal, it often comes with an air of disillusionment.  People with a desire for sex may walk the walk but not talk the talk. Such an attitude seems unbelievable. In his new film Thanks for Sharing, director Stuart Blumberg attempts to remove this stigma.

Starring Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth Paltrow, Thanks for Sharing follows the lives of Adam, Mike, and Neil as they battle to overcome an addiction that has taken over their lives.

Adam (Ruffalo) is a successful environmental consultant living in New York, who after being sober for five years seems to be well on the road to recovery. This is until he falls for attractive cancer survivor Phoebe (Paltrow), who begins to question her feelings upon hearing Adam’s revelation.

Mike (Tim Robbins) is Adam’s sponsor, and also head co-ordinator of the group sessions. For the past 15  years, Adam has dedicated his life to providing support for recovering addicts. But, in the midst of helping others, Mike has neglected his relationship with his own son Danny (Patrick Fujit), who has returned to the family home after struggling with an addiction of his own.

Neil (Josh Gad) is an emergency room doctor and Adam’s mentor, who in the beginning is unwilling to take his addiction seriously.  However, when inappropriate behavior results in him losing his job, Neil is determined to turn his life around. It is during this time that he encounters fellow addict Dede, played by popstar Pink. Together, they keep each other in check, acting as a motivator each time one of them shows signs of faltering.

With instances of subtle humour throughout, Thanks for Sharing is an insightful, yet surprisingly enjoyable drama that explores the dark and lonely side of addiction, while illustrating the importance of family and friends in striving for a positive outcome.

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