OPINION: Is Dublin Bus a reliable service?

According to the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) quarterly figures, less than 5% of Dublin Bus services have been more than five minutes late for scheduled departure times between January 2012 and May 2013.

On its website the NTA, which publishes performance reports on all public sector transport under its remit, officially states that “Dublin Bus are required to report quarterly on their performance” to the authority. When asked by TheCity.ie how exactly these figures are collated and whether or not the process is self-regulatory, as is indicated in the aforementioned statement, the NTA refused to comment.

So, we want to know what service users from across the capital think.

Do you believe the figures? Take part in our online interactive poll below and watch the reactions of the Dublin’s commuters as we ask them whether Dublin Bus can be relied upon to get them from A to B.

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