In Pursuit of Dublin’s Greatest Pizza Slice

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Photo: Hilary Pidgeon

“Pizza is like sex, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good” – some genius

A month ago I vowed that I would embark on a mission to find the greatest slice of pizza that Dublin has to offer. I chose slices over full pizzas, not because I’ve ever doubted my ability to consume whole pizzas, but because Dubliners are definitely busy enough these days that we, like New Yorkers, should start celebrating delicious food on the go.

The contestants were as follows:

Steps of Rome – Southside

Rays – Temple Bar

Di Fontaines – Temple Bar

Sbarro – Northside

Each slice was rated 1-5 on crust, sauce, cheese, toppings (we went with the classic pepperoni), and that all-important cheese-sauce-base ratio. 1 = Speaks for itself really 2 = It’s really not great, but it’s pizza so I’m still gona finish it 3 = Average. But pizza is like sex – even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good 4 = You, Sir Pizza, have impressed me 5 = Practically pizza perfection Joining me was my pizza-partner and pizza photographer. Here’s what we discovered.

Steps of RomeGreat for a sit-down slice to take your time over

1 Chatham St, Dublin 1             Slice of pepperoni: €4.60 Cheese: 4.5 Sauce: 4 Crust: 5 Toppings: 4 Ratio: 3.5

Average score: 4.2

What I have to say about the Steps of Rome is that the crust was amazing. It was thin, yet fluffy and also had that perfect pizza crunch. My pizza-partner felt that the pepperoni wasn’t tender enough, but personally it was one of my favourite things about this pizza. It was thicker than normal and full of flavour. The most expensive of all the slices we tried, but definitely worth it.


RaysGood for when the clubs close and you’re still drunk

2 Upper Fownes St, Temple Bar                  Slice of pepperoni: €3 Cheese: 2.5 Sauce: 1.5 Crust: 2.5 Toppings: 3.5 Ratio: 2.5

Average score: 2.5 (Technically at 2.5 the score was between two ratings, but we rounded up. Just to be nice.)

Ray’s is known as the go-to pizza place in Dublin for when the party’s over and the night club is done, and I can see why. It’s central, cheap, and probably tastes hundreds of times better if you’re drunk. I was pretty thankful for the pepperoni, as other than that I couldn’t really taste much going on. I’m not one to leave pizza, but my pizza partner abandoned hers with a few bites left (naturally I swooped in and ate it.) She also broke the plastic cutlery cutting the pizza, and while no reflection on the flavour, that can’t bode well for the disorientated drunk people who frequent Ray’s at night-time.


 Di FontainesDublin’s hotspot for pizza to go

22 Parliament St, Temple Bar             Slice of pepperoni: €4 Cheese: 4 Sauce: 3.5 Crust: 4.5 Toppings: 4.5 Ratio: 4

Average score: 4.1

When asking around to find out which places to try for the best slice in Dublin this place came up again and again, and it didn’t disappoint. Ratio of cheese-sauce-base was awesome, and my pizza-partner went so far as to exclaim that it was the pepperoni she’d always dreamt of (it’s always good to feel passionate about your pizza). She also seemed delighted over the fact that they had a stone oven. As ‘New York’ a pizza as you’ll find in Dublin.


Sbarro Should’ve stayed in America

Jervis Shopping Center, Dublin 1            Slice of pepperoni: €3.95 Cheese: 1 Sauce: 1.5 Crust: 2 Toppings: 1 Ratio: 1.5

Average score: 1.4

Firstly, I want to say that I love Sbarro’s branches in America. I worked in Chicago for four months and I ate Sbarro at least twice a week. In that time I ripped through four pairs of jeans (not even a joke). But unfortunately it just doesn’t taste quite the same over here. I’ve been told if you’ve nothing good to say then you shouldn’t say anything at all, so I’ll have to stop here. Sborry.


For me and my pizza-partner clear winners are Steps of Rome and Di Fontaines. As for Rays, I may stumble in after a night in Workmans to re-evaluate. Disagree with our findings? Vote for your favourite here!

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